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Al Moyer said that he has worked to build a reputation of integrity and honesty as Hanover's school superintendent, so he recused himself from the start during a hiring process in which his son in law was chosen as the district's new athletic director.

The Hanover school board on Oct. 25 chose Jeremy Flores as new athletic and activities director.

Moyer said when he learned Flores intended to apply for the vacant position, he realized he would need to recuse himself to avoid any influence over the process.

"Even any perception of nepotism or favoritism just goes against every fiber of my being," Moyer said Monday.

At the time, he did not know how far along Flores would make it, but the 23 year old teacher and junior high football coach from Waco, Texas, went from one of 54 candidates to one of 14 to the unanimous top pick of a 20 person interviewing group.

"I saw that we had over 50 applicants, and I thought, 'Gosh, it's such a long shot,'" Moyer said.

Moyer said he will recuse himself from any employee evaluations in the future, which will be handled primarily by school administrators and the district's personnel administrator, Bonnie Frock, and assistant superintendent Rick Musselman. Musselman and Frock were told of the relationship by Moyer at the start of the hiring process, when he asked them to take charge so that he could avoid a conflict of interest, Moyer said.

And when Flores was chosen by a group of administrators, including Frock and Musselman, to be among the final three candidates, Moyer told Is Testosterone Propionate Illegal school board president Art Smith and board vice president Lindy Lingg, who would be among the 20 people interviewing each of the final candidates.

"They Primobolan For Bulking were surprised, but they assured me that they would do their absolute best to make sure it wouldn't help or harm anyone," Moyer said. "Art and Lindy are professionals and they feel like I do that we don't want to "Anadrol 50" set any of the candidates up for failure or have a negative perception. I would hope people that know us would know we feel strongly about doing things the right way."

The four people who knew felt it best Masteron King to keep the knowledge of the relationship to themselves, knowing that it could influence the other members of the committee, Smith said.

"The people who "Anadrol 50" sat in on the interviews did not know that it was Al's son in law they were able to meet him objectively and not think that the boss was looking over their shoulder," Smith said. "I feel comfortable that we did a good process."

It's the same committee process that the district has Buy Jintropin used to hire other administrators, including the last athletic director, Greg Wagner, Moyer said.

While the interviewing committee backed Flores, they were informed "Oxandrolone Powder India" about Moyer's relation to him before they made an official recommendation to the school board, he said.

"After they were told, they had a chance to change their decisions," Smith said. "And none of them did."

The Hanover school board acted on the committee's recommendation and voted 7 1 to hire Flores, with board member Jim O'Connor voting against it and board member Jim Watson absent from the meeting.

O'Connor said he voted against the hire strictly on principle. He emphasized that, based on the written information the board members who weren't on the interviewing committee received, he thought the committee chose a highly skilled candidate and made the right decision in choosing Flores.

"I don't want to come out like I have anything against either Al or Jeremy, because I think everything they did in the process was done correctly and I think he is the best candidate," O'Connor said. "I do not like the idea of a person who could get in the position where the ultimate decision on his evaluation could be decided by a relative."

While Flores will be evaluated by other administrators, those administrators are ultimately evaluated by Moyer, O'Connor said.

While he said he has full faith in Moyer's integrity, O'Connor is not comfortable with the situation.

O'Connor said if he had his way, no employees in any organization would be in position where their ultimate supervisor is a close relative.

"It's just an invitation to disaster," he said

But on the other hand, he said, there could be positives to hiring the superintendent's son in law.

"He's going to work above and beyond the call of duty to not disappoint his father in law," O'Connor said.

The district does not have Hgh Jintropin Avis an anti nepotism policy that prevents officials from hiring a relative of a school board member or administrator. But it's procedure for board members to abstain from voting on employment issues that would present a conflict of interest, from hiring to firing to salary and benefit changes that would affect a relative, Smith said.

Administrators are held to the same standard, which is why Moyer was correct to take himself out of the hiring process, Smith said.

Flores' relation to Moyer was not mentioned at the Oct. 25 meeting, and Flores did not mention it when he was interviewed by The Evening Sun for a story appearing the next day, saying only that his wife has family in the area.